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Why Choose Scott?

  • Experience. Scott is a veteran mortgage loan officer and has been assisting homebuyers for over 25 years. His naturally calm and inquisitive nature, lends itself well to the occasionally confusing and often complex world of mortgage lending; few loan officers can parallel his knowledge and expertise.
  • Industry's Choice. His client base includes financial planners, CPA's, company relocators, realtors and homebuilders across the country
  • Repeat Customer. He's developed a unique understanding of the importance of a smooth transaction. That empathy benefits his customers and turns them into lifelong clients who refer their family and friends. His clients come back to see him for every mortgage transaction and throughout his tenure in the business, Scott finds himself working with clients on their fourth or fifth mortgage transaction.

How Does Scott and The Gimbel Team Stack Up?

  • Strong Experience. Scotts support staff has an average of over 15 years of mortgage banking experience. All that experience lined up will be working for you
  • One-Stop Shopping. The Gimbel Team utilizes in house processing, underwriting, and closing. We commit to a streamlined experience because we know your time is valuable. And because you don't have time to waste, we promise to make the process as quick and stress-free as possible.
  • Variety and Innovation. Scott is well versed in purchase and refinance closing of FHA/VA, Conventional, Jumbo, and Home Equity loans. As well as loan structuring for first time home buyers, savvy investors, credit challenged individuals, and "upside down" properties. Additionally, Scott is associated with some of the top treasury and mortgage interest rate insiders to help you lock the lowest interest rate possible. With a variety of loan programs, you have options and we can help you choose the program that's best for you.

What are his credentials?

  • He has closed over $1billion in mortgage loans and an excess of $40 million closed loans in the last two years.
  • Licensed in California - CA# DOC 8322 / Colorado - LMB# 100024231, and Illinois - IL#031.0030924

In his own words...

"My lovely wife and two beautiful children are my life and I have seen first-hand how homeownership has enhanced the lives of my family. Real Estate transactions often occur during evening hours and on weekends. I pride myself on being available to you when you need me, to give you a competitive edge during the negotiation process. My ultimate goal is the continued dedication of helping others experience all the things that home ownership has to offer, in the simplest manner possible"

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