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ARM Loan Scenarios...
It sounds like you have some good information.The only question that I have is, have you checked to see if the condo is FHA approved?If you would like to give me the name of the condo and possibly the address I can check on the FHA website.Terry Taitel 847-359-5300 or
How much employment history do you need for a first time home buyer?
No Problem!! as long as you can document the last 2 years in school and a deploma is even betterTerry taitel Resource Plus Mortgage 847-359-5300
Can you refinance a mortgage when you have a second mortgage on that property?
Ginger, I can help you. Please give me a call. 847-359-5300
I have an FHA loan with PMI and want to get rid of the PMI. My credit score is 677. Is that possible?
Yes it is possible. Is this a single family home?How much equity do you have?Terry TaitelResource Plus Mortgage847-359-5300
How would I go about taking over a mortgage from a family member
It would have to be an FHA or VA mortgage which is assumable.Terry TaitelResource Plus Mortgage 847-359-5300

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