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John Cannata's Answers

my credit score is a 584 where can i get a home equity loan chase bank has turn me down
I am not sure there is a company that will lend you a 'Home Equity' loan with a credit score of 584. If you are over the age of 62, you may be able to qualify for a Reverse Mortgage (depending on the equity in your home). A Reverse Mortgage can be done no matter what your credit score is.
Can i get 100% financing for a home mortgage
Keithr_762_686 - As Stephen mentioned, there aren't any 100% financing programs, except for USDA (rural housing) and VA loans. All 100% financing programs (including a first and second mortgage combo) are no longer available. The closest thing we have today, outside of the USDA and VA loan...
Some questions about buying a home and renting out your house
Phew.. thats quite a few questions.Texas is a community property state, so partner A and B will be on title to the home. So, even if both names are not on the mortgage, you are both responsible. Partner B 'MAY' be able to get added on the mortgage later on, but the process is up to the servicing lender....
Should I refinance now or later? Have I missed my chance?
I'm a little late to the party, but I noticed you started your comment with 'you refinanced to borrow against the equity' but you continued on saying that you ended up with two mortgages. What was the purpose of the 2nd mortgage? Did you complete some sort of Home Improvement? In the...

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