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Dale Corley's Answers

Bank Statement Loan Program in Georgia?
Hi Shawn,We offer several in-house options for self employed borrowers including a12-month or 24-month bank statement. These loans are originated, processed, underwritten, and serviced in our Atlanta HQ office in Buckhead. I'm happy to learn more about your goals and review a few scenarios for...
My broker quoted me a mortgage rate higher than any online, although I look perfect on paper. Why?
I'd be happy to take a look at your quote and advise. I'm licensed in Texas. Dale Corley 770-402-4804
Can I get a loan with no proof of income?
In lieu of tax returns, we offer a Business Bank Statement or Personal Bank Statement loan program for self-employed borrowers in your situation to determine their income. We average the most recent deposits over 12 to 24 months. Credit score(s) of (620+) and LTV's up to 90% determine the rate. We...
Looking to purchase first home next year
Assuming you're looking for a house in Denton County, I would advise you to look in the $300k range with your current income level. The property taxes in your scenario would be roughly $633/mo pushing your DTI (debt-to-income) ratio above 56%. Income = $4167 Housing Debt = $2,334, not including...
Can I get a loan with one year of work experience?
Sarah, I'd need to gather some more info, but it sounds like you would qualify for a mortgage under our six month exception for work history in North Carolina with a letter of explanation. There are different guidelines for self-employed borrowers, but I'm assuming you receive a W-2. Feel free to...

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