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Chris Barry's Answers

If my husband and I are retired can we get a mortgage on an investment property?
Greetings Elain.Being retired is not considered a negative attribute in mortgage lending. I'm here in the Portland area, and available to meet you to discuss your options face-to-face. I specialize in working with real estate investors and can help you navigate the process. Just give me a call at...
Do USDA loans have limits on income and other restrictions?
There are other restrictions besides the income ones mentioned. The key for you as a buyer is to make sure you're working with a lender who is highly experienced in USDA loans and is willing to take the time to ask you the right questions, and answer all your questions. USDA has property type...
At what point of equity can i refinance my fha loan into a conventional?
Hi Mary, If you want to get a conventional loan you'll need to be at 20% of equity in your house, or finance no more than 80% of the value. The key for you is to work with someone who knows the area (I'm in the Portland area), and has the experience and knowledge to examine your financial situation so as to...
do you have to be underwater to qualify for harp 2 ?
Harp 2 may actually be priced with higher rates than a regular refinance. You need to talk to 2-3 different lenders, and then get enough information and go with your gut instinct on who to work with.That's what I'd do.Feel free to call me if I can be a resource to you. Chris Barry 503-515-2309
How to pay off my second mortgage while refinance my first
It all depends on the skill of the loan officer, the outcome of the appraisal of your house, and your payoff amounts. You need to start by finding someone who knows how to do the math properly, and then offer up the right solutions for what you're trying to accomplish. Let me know if I can help!Chris Barry,...
Can I get a va home loan with a credit score of 669?
We can go down to 640 scores, and below that as well depending on the circumstance. Call me if you'd like to be pre-approved at 503-515-2309Chris BarrySenior Mortgage Banker, since 1989NMLS #234461American Pacific Mortgage111 SE 3rd Ave Suite CHillsboro Oregon 97123equal housing lender
are there any conventional programs with down payment assistance built in?
Feel free to call me at 503-356-2241and I'll share what I know about the DPA programs availableChris Barry, NMLS 234461Senior Mortgage Banker, since 1989American Pacific MortgageEqual Housing Lender
how many years past bankruptcy can i get a mortgage?
William covered the points I would make too. I am in Oregon, and if you'd like to see what you can qualify for, and when, let's talk about your specifics. I'm not a sales guy, but work on the technical aspects of getting approved for a mortgage like the FHA 203K. Let me know if I can help.Chris Barry...
do you have interest rate only for 50% to value mortgage?
Give me a call at 503-515-2309. There's a lot of things to consider and you want to make sure you're asking the right questions, and getting the right answers. This forum is a great place to start, but eventually you'll need an expert to help you navigate the details. I'm available if you would like to...
how early can i refi an fha mortgage after buying
It's a good idea to shop around and compare with a few different lenders. For an experienced Mortgage Banker, who is a problem solver committed to educating you about your options so you make the right choices, give me a call. I'm available at 503-515-2309 Chris Barry, American Pacific Mortgage, since...
MI required on fha condos?
Yes you will.However, the FHA loan may not be the best loan program for you. Call me if you'd like to explore other options and make sure you're getting the best loan for your situation. FHA mortgage Insurance can never be removed, and is WAY more expensive than Private Mortgage Ins. with a conventional...
Would like information about EEM - energy efficientcy mortgage?
Give me a call and we can discuss the details. This i requires experience and skill on the part of the lender, and not all lenders or loan officers know how to structure these transactions. Are you receiving any credits from Oregon Energy Trust?
Would I be able to get a mortgage no PMI with 20% down but 687 credit?
Yes, you should be OK. You'll want a professional to review your situation and make sure the conventional loan is the right loan for you. There are other options too.Call me if you'd like a local expert!
Can I do a lease to own even if i don't have any rental history?
William has some good points. Also, a lease option can get a buyer into trouble if a large non-refundable deposit is asked for at inception. Give me a call and let's discuss this further. You might just be better off buying a house with a regular mortgage, and I can help you with that.
what r my chances of doing a loan no insurance w/ 683 fico
Call me and we can discuss your situation. I've been making loans for over 25 years.
HOA and Reverse Mortgage
I'd like to review the condo By-Laws and speak to the President of the HOA. Most likely, the condo project is not HUD approved. That's a simple enough thing to accomplish if the HOA wishes to become approved. If the HOA has some verbiage forbidding a particular loan product from being available to its...
refinance this 1st fha loan to get rid of the 2nd interest only loan/ chase and lower mo.pymt to pay down mortgage
I specialize in FHA loans, and would be happy to look at your situation more closely to see what can be done. Give me a call at your ealiest convenience.
Do VA streamlines ALWAYS require no appraisal?
VA loans are our specialty. Give me a call and we can discuss your situation in greater detail.
how likely is it to get a vA loan with 667 credit scoer?
Credit score sounds fine. There are other factors involved as well. Give me a call and I'll quickly and accurately ascertain your situation and issue pre-approval.
What banks or mortgage companies have USDA loans in Lewis county, WA
USDA loans are one of our specialty products. Give me a call and we can run the numbers and make sure this is the right loan for your situation. There's a lot of little quirks to the program and we can make sure it will work with a full pre-approval for you.

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