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Todd Glassman's Answers

Do you offer 20 year mortgages?
Good morning George, we offer 15, 20, 25, 30 year mortgages. Give us a call at 864-286-9693. Our mortgage professional our here to help you answer any question. Have a great day. Todd
How soon after a bankruptcy is discharge would you be able to apply for a Home equity Loan?
We require 2 years after your discharge date on your bankruptcy. Give us a call for a free mortgage analysis.
Where is the best place to get a first time home buyer discount in or near Mobile, AL?
Check with a mortgage company that offers a state housing loan in AL. You may be able to get 100% financing with this program.
Are there any no doc loans or stated income loans available?
There is some private money available out but you will need at least 30% to 40% down payment or equity in the home if you own it already and the rates are much higher.
I don't just have bad credit, i have terrible credit. But I have a very good job for 20 plus years. Will I be able to get any type of mortgage?
If you have 25 to 30% down you may be able to get a hard money loan. You may be able to fix your credit here is a good company that has helped many clients.Subject: Improve Your Credit Scores!Do you have less-than-perfect credit?Is it time to re-establish yourself after a bankruptcy or foreclosure?Do you...
Can I get a conventional loan with under 600 credit without putting 20% down?
We can possibly do a FHA loan with 5% down. It depends on length on job, trade lines on credit or alternative credit history for the last12 months.
Need lender in Greenville, SC
We have Jumbo loans give us a call we are in Greenville,SC. Our number is 864-438-4550. Have a Great day Todd
what does a 3.875 conforming fixed rate mean
Good mornimg,this means the loan "conforms" to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan guidelines. We are local in South Carolina. Let us know if we can help. You can contact us at 800-992-4455 or 864-438-4550. Apply online at Have a wonderful day! Todd
Should I refinance with a conventional loan? I want to get out of FHA MPI a year after original purchase.
It all depends on the the equity you have in your home and the credit score and debt to income ratio. If you have any further questions we are local in South Carolina.
Are there any lenders that will refinance our mortgage after bankruptcy?
Good morning, you are correct for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but you can possibly do a FHA loan after 2 years discharge as long as you do not have any lates after BK. Have a Great Day!! Todd
I need a Ca. lender for refinancing for a $470,000 loan with no closing cost for less than 13 years
We are a local Mortgage Company in South Carolina that has a California lic. Give me a call if you need assistance at 864-325-7035 Thanks Todd Glassman
What credit score do I need to get a mortgage?
We offer FHA down to 500 score or no score manual underwrites, 580 score for Veterans, and 620 score for USDA and Conventional. What state do you live in?
were are your office at nc sc
We have a offices in Greenville SC 864-438-4550 and Myrtle Beach SC 843-238-3600
I can't find an FHA Back-to-Work Lender?
We offer the FHA back to work program for South Carolina, Florida, and California.
New construction loan 360,000. 10% or less down?
We do not offer construction loans at this time but I do have a contact that does offer construction loans. You can call me at 864-325-7035 and I can connect you with him.Make it a great day!Todd Glassman
i want to buy a building for have church
We have programs for churches. Feel free to call me at 864-438-4550 ext 15Have a Happy Thanksgiving!Todd Glassman
Can i get a morgage with 600 credit score
Yes may be able to qualify for a mortgage. Give us a call at 864-438-4550. We are local in the upstate.
What to do....
There is a decent chance you can qualify. I have a office in Myrtle Beach. Ask for Tracey at 843-238-3600. She is the office Manager.

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