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Todd Tholl's Answers

No credit check on a streamline refi?
No appraisal & no credit check but income has to be verified. Mortgage history can't have any lates in the last 6 months.
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Are you on title to the home now? If so it should take nothing more than some simple estate planning with a will granting you the home upon their passing. I'd recommend talking to an estate planning atty. or your parents atty. They can help you with the paperwork.
Looking to buy my first home
If you have only 15% to put down, you can't go Conventional with a 650 score.You can however go FHA with as little as 3.5% down. Their rates are comparable to Conventional with the only drawback being their 2.25% up front mortgage insurance premium which can be financed in the loan or paid out of pocket....
Can I qualify for an FHA ?
FHA does not allow Non-Owner Occupied purchases. You can be the co-borrower on the loan if an immediate family member can be the borrower & will occupy the residence. If you're looking to purchase an investment property, you'll have to go Conventional which typically requires at...
Do I qualify for a VA Mortgage In The State of MA?
minimum score for VA is 620. Have a reputable lender pull a tri-merge bureau. The score used for qualification will be the middle of the 3.
Tax Lien and a Mortgage
If it shows up on your credit report, most lenders will make you pay it or provide proof that it's already been paid. The fear being if it's still outstanding, it may attach itself to the title of your new property ahead of our lien position when we file your mortgage.
I want to refinance my home loan at a lower interest rate to save on monthly payment.
Rates are in the 4's so now is a good time to refi. I can take a quick, 5 minute application over the phone or you can fill one out on my website at This will allow me to give you a firm loan quote instead of a "pre-approval". I look forward to hearing from you.
FICO 650....Can I get A Loan
You'll qualify for an FHA loan with 3.5% down.
What type of payment can I expect?
What state are you buying in?
Investment Properties/ Vacation Homes
Rates don't vary much from state to state so buy where you want
FHA Refinance
You don't need a special lender. You may qualify for an FHA Streamlined Refi which would not require income verification or in many cases an appraisal. Call me & we can discuss the specifics of your current situation to see if it would benefit you. My rates & fees are the lowest you'll...
I need to refinance to a fix rate but the property is mixed residential/commercial and banks refuse to refinance.
Only way I can see getting it done is if the appraiser can find 3 comparable properties zoned similarly to yours. May be an uphill battle.Todd E. ThollSr. LO, CMCMain Street Financial601 Brady St. Suite 211Davenport, IA 52803Direct 563-324-9937Toll Free 877-324-4858Cell 309-236-3485Fax ...
How Long Will It Take To Refinane?
The process should take no longer than two weeks. Obviously your lender has over promised & under delivered. My rates & fees are the lowest available. Try me!!
WHy did the stock market jump today? WIll it affect mortgage rates? SHould we lock today
Manufacturing numbers affected the market yesterday. Typically when the stock market goes up, rates go up as well. With rates currently at or near all time lows, locking is the way to go.
ARM or another 30 year?
Fixed rate sounds like the best way to go for you in your current situation. Your home may not sell right away as there is a plethera of homes for sale in the market currently.
Has anybody tried the leads on this site?
Have bought 8 leads so far. 2 of them were no good so I returned them & they gave me my $ back no questions asked. I've closed one of the other 6 so I'm happy with it so far.

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