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Thomas Worsfold's Answers

Can I get a mortgage with a settlement form a bar fight against me?
Jersey,I believe I bring a slightly different perspective to this discussion because in addition to being a loan officer, I am also a licensed attorney. The reason I think you may be getting contradicting responses to your question is that there is a distinction between a "judgment" and a...
How long after bankruptcy can I receive a home loan. I am willing to put 50% down does this change anything?
Lyndi, it is 2-years from your discharge date. If you have made your 2 year anniversary, I am licensed in Michigan and should be able to help you. If you are not 2 years out, there are some other options that I would be happy to discuss with you. I am a licensed Wisconsin attorney with significant contacts in...
How to choose between VA, FHA and Conventional mortgage?
Nicholas,My advice would be to choose between VA and Conventional. Is your conventional down-payment a full 20%, or something less? If it is not 20%, you have to take into account how much the mortgage insurance will be. Also, you can typically get a better interest rate with more yield spread (lender...
does usda have a refi option for 706 fico and 85% LTV?
Yes, there is definitely a refinance option for you. Please give me a call on my direct line: 616-259-5497, and we can discuss the details of your refi. Tom WorsfoldGuaranteed RateGrand Rapids, MI
getting FHA rate if I have 721 fico and 5% down?
If you have the ability to put down 5%, with that FICO you should go conventional all day. In this market, rates are VERY comparable, but the FHA mortgage insurance would be at least twice as much and never expires (unless you refi to a conventional down the road). If your household income is at or below the...

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