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Brian Mayer's Answers

What is PMI and what options are there to deal with it?
I believe that in order to help you its important to better understand your goals. I know everyone's goal is to put the least amount down, get the best rate and lowest payment however there are often programs a professional loan officer can help you structure that most people are not aware of. There...
Can I refinance a underwater Freddie Mac Loan with LPMI under HARP 2.0
I believe I can. I can get you a yes or no in 1 hours and a full approval in 48 hours 443-624-9398
HARP 2.0 through current lender is a little more than $10k to close
There are several factors that can change closing costs. Date of settlement, title company, taxes and homeowners escrows and lender fees. Our closing costs are typically half of that. Obviously it all depends on your unique situation, we are doing HARP with almost 0 overlays I would be happy to review...
Re-fi out of FHA based on "inherited" equity?
Yes you can refi into a Conventional and now would be the time to take advantage of the 3.5% rates. We can close it in two weeks once we get all the paperwork back from you. Call me 443-624-9398 or fill out an application on to start the process.
Buying a house but already on another mortgage
You need to refinance your name off the first house if you are on the loan. The other family members will have to have enough income and credit to carry the mortgage without you. If not your income will have to be sufficient to carry both the current and a new mortgage. As for down payment there are lots of...
Getting a mortgage 14 months after bankruptcy discharged.
If it was Chapter 13 I can do it with 12 months of on time payments. Chapter 7 is 3 years I am available now at 443-624-9398
Should I refinance?
It depends on the loan amount. There is a 2% funding fee plus potential closing costs that have to be paid and only 2 years to make up the costs. As an example lets assume a new 3% FHA ARM loan is paying back 3% as a lender credit and your closing costs are 3k + 2% A loan amount of 150k would produce a $4500 but your...
I have 23 years left on my mortgage. Can I get a FHA streamline on 23 years OR do I have to take another 30 yr mortgage out?
You can do 15 or 30. Many times with todays rates you can keep your payment and move to a 15 year. I saw rates in the 2's yesterday on 15 year notes. I am available if you want to know the new payment 443-624-9398
What is the seasoning requirement for a short sale with a VA loan?
We are a 2 year lender and we do Virginia as well.
What is our best loan option for credit (715 + 681) and income of (65k + 40k)?
A no money down USDA loan depending on the area check out map changes were delayed until January 15th so there is still time. My office is only a few minutes away, call me 443-624-9398
If i want to sell my home and buy another, what appraisals/ home inspection will i be responsible for?
As a lender I am not partial. I would note that the fact that you are asking means they have not built a lot of trust with you as a great agent. It really doesn't matter, use who you like. If you want a good local lender call me 443-624-9398 I am in SOMD check out
What's the max income allowable for usda in virginia
You can search counties, cities and type in specific addresses on my website

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