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We are a leading private lender that offers real estate investors asset-based financing on qualified collateral in as little as 24 hours. Our loan programs are designed for investors who purchase properties, repair and/or improve the properties, and resell those properties for a profit. Our competitors are often referred to as hard-money lenders primarily because they are hard to work with. We develop long-term relationships with our clients and a majority are repeat customers due to our professional service and attractive loan terms.

We offer flexible underwriting, attractively priced loans, no hidden fees and next day funding. If you are a real estate investor, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a loan for your next investment purchase and to become your preferred lender.

Rapid 24-Hour Funding | Attractively-Priced Loans | NO Hidden Fees Minimal Documentation | Asset-Based Loans | Flexible Underwriting

Loan Solutions

We provide first lien short-term financing within 24 hours for residential real estate investors purchasing properties at discounted prices through trustee sales, pre-foreclosures, short sales, bank REO's, or just about any other kind of discounted sale.

Loan Closing Requirements
Down payment
Payment of loan points
First month's interest (non-refundable if loan is paid within first 30 days)
During the term of the loan, borrowers are required to make monthly payments of interest only, in advance, according to the terms and conditions of their Promissory Notes.

Loan Payoffs
Borrowers can prepay their loan, in full, at any time, without penalty*. Partial loan payments are not accepted. Interest is prorated for loan payoffs received mid-month and any prepaid interest is credited to the borrower.


Fix/Flip Program - If you're fast at buying, fixing and flipping then this loan program is for you! This program is designed to finance fix/flip projects on residential investment properties through various sales channels such as trustee auctions, short sales and lender REO properties. This program specializes in loans under $1,000,000 and is for single family residential properties up to four units.

Loan Overview
Interest rates as low as 9.0% (10.1% APR)
Quick close- typically within 24 hours of required documentation being completed
6-9 month duration with no pre-payment penalties*
$50,000 - $1M loan value - special case by case for loans over 1M
Up to 80% of total cost including rehab/construction costs
No higher than 65% ARV
1st Trust Deed
All loans personally guaranteed
All properties non-owner occupied
No extra costs or junk fees
All fees rolled into the Loan.
Current Markets Available: WA, UT, TX, CO, VA, MD, NC & FL
The rates and terms discussed are representative of our typical loan structure. We look at each loan/borrower on a case by case

If this is the loan for you, contact us now for the Fix/Flip Program application to get started.
Call (916)-520-4233 now! OR Email your scenario to:

Rental Program - Financing your rental property just got a whole lot easier! Our rental program focuses on income producing homes that investors are looking to finance and hold for 3-5 years.

Loan Overview - up to $5M
Interest rates as low as 6.5% (7.0% APR)
Quick close
3-5 year loan term
Up to 70% LTV
1st trust deed
SFR and 1-4 unit properties
All loans are personally guaranteed
All properties are non-owner occupied
Current Markets Available: WA, UT, TX, CO, VA, MD, NC & FL

Contact us now for the Rental Program application to get started. Call (916) 520-4233 now!

Construction Loan Program - Created for investors who plan to build on vacant land.

Loan Overview
Interest rates as low as 11.0% (12.1% APR)
Up to 80% of total construction costs financed
Fund control required

Contact us now for the Construction Loan Program application to get started. Call (916) 520-4233 now!

Fix/Flip Line of Credit - Intended for use by larger investors who need to free-up cash on completed homes.

Loan Overview
Interest rates as low as 8.0%
Must own a minimum of 3 properties
Up to 70% of repaired value
12 month term

If you are looking for a line of credit, contact us now for an application. Call (916) 520-4233 now!

*Prepayment Penalties: The company's loans may not contain prepayment penalties, but may require a minimum interest cost of thirty (30) days' interest payments, regardless if the loan is repaid within the first thirty (30) days. After thirty days, interest is accrued daily and paid monthly.

We provide Loans in other States Nationwide through our other Affiliated Direct Lenders,call us to discuss your scenario

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