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From REO purchases, fix and flips, to traditional commercial properties that you need equity out of, we can help!

Forget the Banks! With the down economy, most businesses don't qualify! Our lenders will work with you, they know you write-off all you can and not all your income is on your taxes. You need the money to make money, and your business can make payments from profits and cash flow.

GAP LOANS (MEDIUM TERM): Loans available for 6-36 months, while your project or business improves. Get the money and time you need.

LONG TERM LOANS (3-10 YEARS): Longer term loans are great for loans over $500,000, to inject capital into your business, improve your bottom line and cash flow by paying off other debt, and grow your business. Loans up to $10,000,000 in less than 30 days.

REO PACKAGE LOANS: Debt financing up to 60% on REO projects, nationwide. Refi what you have, and get more, or bring us in to double your capital available to acquire properties at 30-50% off!

In today's market, getting the money you need for the opportunities takes a lot of work and a very clean package. Let us use our over 30 years of experience to help get your projects funded, refinanced, and working for you. Don't miss out on today's opportunities because you have been turned down, or risk a delayed loan. Get your money this month! Email or call us now!

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