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Representing a speciality Discount Note Refinance company working with both existing Commercial and Residential property owners. Own goal is to help owners regain the Negative mortgage equity in their property, lower their monthly mortgage payments, and give them peace of mind. We do not charge the property owner a Fee for this service.

We work with Jumbo loans exclusively that are 20% in Negative Equity.

Motivated Owners with Good or Bad credit.

The Mortgage Lender pays our Fee.

Our goal is to keep Property Owners in their properties.  We do this by working closely with the owner and their lender to obtain their Mortgage at a discount, that is appx. 60 - 65% below what is Owed. Then selling a restructured mortgage back to the same Owner.   We are one of the only companies of it's kind. 

We are NOT a Loan modification company and we do not like short sales, foreclosures or bankruptcy.

We are in business to create a:

  1.  Win situation for the property owner
  2.  Win situation for the mortgage lender as they receive funds
  3.  Win situation for our company doing business is a positive manner.

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