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Expert in Home Mortgage Financing - Refinance and Purchase.

Helping all California residents refinance their mortgages, buy new homes, consolidate bills, cut their payments, and save money by providing the best mortgage loans with the best rates, lowest costs and never any hidden junk fees or suprises!

Home Equity Lending professionals was established March of 1994.

We -

LISTEN to you. We will listen to what you say and do our best to meet your needs

TALK to you, not at you

Answer you in everyday language. Explain our answers.

SHOW you a clear picture of your situation and what to expect.

WORK hard for you. You have us as your total resource.

QUOTE you real rates and real loans, not some non-existent rate just to "hook" you.

USE everyday language so that you are an informed consumer, not misdirected by smoke and mirrors.

HELP you every step of they way. Whether you are a long-time homeowner or a first-time buyer.

INVEST time with you - as much time as you need to clearly understand all the terms.

PROVIDE you with choices, not push you into anything.

THANK YOU for working with us for your mortgage loan financing needs, your time, your confidence, and especially your trust.

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