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Victor Emmel's Answers

lowering my CURRENT fha mortgage insurance possible?
You heard right, FHA mortgage insurance went down. You can take advantage of an FHA streamlines refinance to lower the mortgage insurance and interest rate with possibly no closing costs. This program doesn't require income verification or an appraisalIf you would like to discuss your current...
Looking for construction to permanent loan in CO
We have a one time close construction loan that has some really great features. Feel free to contact me for more information.
Im considering a 401k withdrawal for my mortgage
You would want to consider the overall impact of any penalties of withdrawing from your 401K and the advantage of homeownership which includes asset appreciation and potential tax benefits. As a mortgage planner, I can help you evaluate these things in the context of your overall financial goals. ...
first time homebuyer assistance
We have a down payment grant program available. It is an FHA loan with either a 3% or 5% grant that doesn't need to be paid back. Feel free to contact me at 801-819-5901 to review the details. Victor Emmel, PrimeLending, South Jordan, UT.
I'm trying to find the answer to the following question.-of all the FHA loans given in 2014, what percentage was for condo's as
If you are interested in a buying a condo using FHA financing, you first want to see if the condo is an approved condo project through FHA. Most likely, it wont be. So for condo financing purposes, you would need to look at conventional financing. Conventional purchase loans can be approved with as little...
on USDA Loan can you add buyer closing costs to loan amount
Yes, you can finance all of the closing costs into the loan amount IF the home if the appraised value allows it. In other words, the appraisal will need to come in higher than the sales price to finance the costs in. We have a USDA grant program that will allow you to obtain a grant for all of the closing costs...
down payment help in Iowa?
In most cases,down payment assistance is limited to either FHA or Conforming loan limits which are $271,050 and $417,000 loan amounts respectively. We do have a down payment grant program that can help you as long as you are under a $417,000 loan ($439,000 max purchase price. Feel free to contact me for...
I own a home and my credit needs repair, I need a loan on my home
Can you elaborate a little on your situation? What is on your credit that needs to be addressed? Do you know you credit score? Is you home owned free and clear? What is the home worth? How much of a loan are you looking finance?
what is the minimum loan amount
We can go as low as $40,000 but at that amount, it may be better to look at options at a credit union or possibly a home equity line of credit because of the closing costs will be a lot cheaper if any with a credit union.
companies that help with down payment assistance in Tennessee?
We have the THDA Great Choice program available statewide in Tennessee plus multiple program for specific areas (cities and counties). Feel free to contact Victor Emmel at PrimeLending.
100% Financing for First Time Home Buyers spokane wa
The NHF Platinum Grant program will give you up to 5% of the grant in the form of a grant that doesn't need to be paid back. This is an FHA loan and the income limit for Spokane is $84,640 per year and the minimum credit score is a 640. Feel free to contact me for more information.
streamline refi my va loan
You should be able to do a no income verification and no appraisal VA IRRRL (Streamline). You can even look at other refinance options to reduce your term without increasing the monthly payment. Feel free to contact me if you would like a quote to compare your options with other lenders. Victor Emmel,...
Me= Good Income, Low Score. Husband= 624 Credit Score, Low Income. Can We Buy a Home?
There are FHA loans available with credit scores in the 570 range. However, it will be a very difficult process. Your best bet is to work with a lender that can give you some strategies to help get your 572 credit score up to above a 580, preferably 620 which will give you more flexibility, especially in...

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