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Wes Hankins's Answers

My wife has a recent foreclosure.
Yes if you go FHA,VA or USDA... basically any Government programs.But if you go conventional you can keep it under you. But it really is a case by case scenario... For example if you were living in the home that was foreclosed and interest was deducted on your tax returns you would most likely have to explain what...
Divorce and FHA Home Loan
Yes,You must disclose that she is married and they will require a copy of his credit report and will calculate all of his debt into your ratios. You can say that she is "un married" but since that it not correct, it is considered mortgage fraud and if caught the file will get denied. I suggest...
FHA and backruptcy
it sounds like you have restablished your credi, so it should be fine.if you are in california, please emailInfo@weshankins.comOwnerVault Financial
I have a 30 year FHA loan for 185000 at 5.5%.
Hi Jenny, yes we can do a not cost Streamline refinance, drop your rate at lease 1%.Its a pretty simple process.Call me 951-208-6933president of Vault FinancialWes HankinsMurrieta CA
Did the rates improve today, Monday 12-20? Is that true? is that a good sign?
Market closed slightly down today (worse pricing) After a roller coaster ride, at one point we were having a really good rally. Just to loose it all later in the afternoon.I locked all files today
My husband has died and I live in Oregon. We have a V.A. loan. I am only on the deed not the loan. Foreclosure affect my credit?
If you are not on the loan, it will not affect your score. But Technically you will have to answer "yes" that you have had a foreclosure. We are in CA and deal with defaulted loans and properties. Let us know if we can help.
Can a lender keep changing my refinance amount and cash out just days before closing?
Your CD should not have a higher rate than where you are locked. I doubt they are trying to get you to cancel, but it is possible that they didn't lock your rate, and when rates jumped earlier in the week they locked it with worse pricing

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