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Financial Advisor service with Allianz, American Equity Investment
ING Financial, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Humans One, Achievements:?As a Insurance I represent six to 10 company due business in local community and though out the state of Illinois by developing a relationships with each company and promoting their products /services to and generating referral business from individual and company though out the state of Illinois and surround state, Real Estate company and other Builders and other potential business partners.Responsibilities:]As a loan officer /Real Estate Investor/ Insurance I have represent company in local community and While in the military I have been a leader with the military, company represent the military around the world by developing a relationships within the country that I was servicing in, As a military person I has 300 trooper that I was responsibilities for , as a real estate investor/Insurance. I plan and creation and execution of the branch Strategic Business Development Plan. Selected individuals, also work with the Branch Manager in identifying target accounts for active outside business development efforts including participation in open house and conventions. When appropriate,

My interested is to see that Stephens Mortgage & Finance Company Inc. marketing strategy is to communicate its competitive differences particularly as they relate to the needs of its target customers. Our ability to portray Stephens Mortgage & Finance Company Inc. as a leader in the Illinois and the other 47 state. To utilize the powerful message already created by Stephens Mortgage & Finance Company Inc., that have been successful. We have develop three separate brochures initially; one to be use for recruiting, one to be use to promoted sales, and another to promote referrals within the network is what sets us apart and all of our marketing efforts and tactics focus on driving this point home.My goals is to service

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