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About Me:

NMLS #224054, AZ LO - 0913849, CO MLO - 100009794

To better serve my clients, I have invested in training, proprietary tools and technology to deliver a unique set of services. The Personalized Mortgage Plan, the Rate Watch, and the Annual Equity Review will empower you, as my client, to integrate your mortgage into your financial plan. As a result, you can be confident that your mortgage doesn't inhibit the pace at which you can reach your goals.

By choosing to use me as your Mortgage Planner, you will benefit from each of these core services as well as my team's exceptional level of execution.

I am a Certified Mortgage Planner

I have developed a special process called the Mortgage Concierge Program. It provides unique services and strategies that simplify the mortgage process, thereby helping you to achieve your personal and financial goals. This program will save you time and money and provide greater peace of mind while helping you to realize your objectives. Most experienced home buyers are knowledgeable, but may still lack many of the tools still necessary to further those goals. They may not be aware of all the steps involved in closing a home, and therefore may not be able to formulate their best mortgage plan. Things to consider when planning a mortgage include:

- Choosing the mortgage that best suits your needs

- Awareness of different tax implications for different mortgages

- Impact of your credit rating in relation to the rate you will pay

- What home price range you qualify for

- Closing costs and ways to minimize the costs

- The variety of different cash to close options

- An understanding of the risks involved in the loan process

- A designed contingency plan in case something does not work out

- Someone you trust who can give sound advice

Having a professional mortgage planner to guide you through the mortgage process can help you to achieve your goals while eliminating unnecessary worry and stress. That's why I have created a program that employs unique strategies to streamline the mortgage process, integrates the loan with your existing personal and financial goals and plans, and effectively manages the loan over its life span to ensure that it adapts to your changing needs. The Mortgage Concierge ProgramTM, is a step-by-step process divided into seven distinct stages. I developed this process working with my clients to help them understand their current situation, both strengths and weaknesses, and create a powerful vision for the future. Then I look at the roadblocks standing in their way, develop strategies to overcome them, and review all of the tools to help them achieve their goals.

? Session 1: The Mortgage Planning PackageTM

? Session 2: The Mortgage Needs AnalysisTM

? Session 3: The Strategic Planning SessionTM

? Session 4: The Complete Mortgage PlanTM

? Session 5: The Unique Mortgage ExperienceTM

? Session 6: The Mortgage Management SystemTM

? Session 7: The Client Appreciation ProgramTM

To help you get started you can participate one-on-one in The Mortgage Needs AnalysisTM. During this session, you work with me through the first stage of my process. Upon completion of The Mortgage Concierge ProgramTM you will have a clear understanding of how the loan process works, you will have the right loan for your situation, and you will have someone reviewing your mortgage regularly to make sure it continues to be the best loan option for you. In short, you will feel that you have gotten the most value for your money, and most importantly, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have achieved your objectives in the best possible way.

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