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Bill Quigley's Answers

Refinance my home at 5.75%
Hi Jared, with the information that you provided, you are in a great position to lower your interst rate, get rid of the pmi, shorten the term of your mortgage and save money every month. There are several programs & scenarios that could work for you. Please call me at 608-831-4663 or go to www...
Will we qualify?
With a mid-credit score of 625, the funds that you have available along with your income you are eligible for either a Fannie Mae or FHA mortgage; all of your info does need to be verified. With the lower credit score, FHA may be the best option to get the best rate, plus FHA Mortgages are assumable. If you go...
Can escrow be asked for after closing to repair an item to the home?
We will allow escrow holdbacks on a case by case basis if work can be completed within 30 days of closing. You will need a detailed bid from licensed contractor showing labor and material costs; we will hold back 1.5 times that amount in escrow until work is completed. Repairs will be inspected and then...

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