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I have been a loan officer for 10 years now. Helping many achieve their ultimate dream and also helping others increase their monthly cash flow by refinancing and paying off debt. I have seen rates as high as 9% and as low as 2% however, the interest rate doesn't pay the monthly payments. These days it's so much more to obtaining a mortgage is understanding the following things: Know your credit score, How much you can afford, How much do you have saved up for the transaction and most importantly set aside time to do your research. Mortgages are like ICE CREAM there are 4 different favors but many different cones/containers to put them into.

If you like to see or hear your options that are available to YOU, not what your neighbor, co-worker or uncle got 10 years ago give me a call or email me directly. I am available for you and never too busy for your referrals.


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