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Si estas en Pennsylvania: Por favor llame a mi oficina ya que tengo un prestamo oficial de habla espanola nombrada numero Nereda llamada 610-587-0589
How long do I have to wait to apply for a refinance on my property?
Everyone's response is right on point. Hope you move forward with your purchase.
Loan for 55-60k
As Matt stated many lenders have a min loan amount but there are some lenders out that will get this done for you. If you need help please contact me through my profile. Make it Great
I would like information on a stream line fha loan. Will there be closing cost and a apprasial
Everyone here can help you with this question and the two replies are right on point. If you would like to see if this transaction would make sense for you please contact me per the information in my profile.
My middle score is 547, but I have to remove my ex-husband from the mortgage per court order. What are my options?
Where did you obtain your mid score? If you need some assistance with obtaining a mortgage and credit repair please contact me through my profile. I can help you out.
Can having a high income make up for a low credit score when applying for a mortgage?
High Income and not hurt you or credit score. Things that negatively effect your credit scores are late payments, missed payments and high utilization on your credit cards. I hope this answers your question. If you need any assistance please contact me through my profile.
Change Lender prior to closing
When are you looking to go to settlement? To answer your question YES you can change lender, however it could put a slight delay in your mortgage application process but you could have less hassle. If you had some questions (credit-wise) your LO should not have let you put the house under contract until...
How is commission factored as income on a home mortgage application?
You need to show all commission for a period of two years. So we can get a two year average of this income.
Would refinancing to a lower rate help me pay off my mortgage faster?
It's a benefit depending on your reason for refinancing. As William already stated lower payments is often the driving factors for people to refinance and obviously with today's rate everyone should take advantage of them. If you're okay why not refinance to a shorter term, keeping...
Why was I told you have to have your co signer occupy also?
This is a loaded question and most will not be able to answer it correctly without more details of the application. Only certain programs allow for a non-occupied co-borrower.
My home is only worth aprox what I owe and my interest rate is high is there a way I could refi?
You could quailfy for a HARP refinance. Which would allow you to refinance without an appraisal and get a lower interest rate. Please contact me directly to see if you qualify today!
I have a mortgage on a vacation condo which is about half the value of the condo. My sister-in-law would like to become half-owner in the condo. My mortgage has a due on sale clause--would I have to pay off my mortgage in order to accomplish this? I'd like to keep my mortgage until the 5/1 arm expires in two years b/c of the low interest rate. Would this be a problem with the lender?
You're sister could be added to the deed of the property through a title company. However if she wants on the actual mortgage then YES you would have to refinance to add her to the Note. You could probably still get another 5/1 ARM which would give you another 5 years of these great low rates! If you need any...
I had some storm damage and a part of my house is being gutted and remodeled.
Honestly, you can go through the progress and get the house appraised with you attempt to refinance to cash out. However, just because you remodeled doesn't guarantee an increase in value to your property. Especially in a storm damage area. There are other homeowners not as fortunate as yourself and...
can i get va irrrl with cal vet loan?
CalVet RefinancingCalVet was designed as a purchase-only program for Veterans looking to buy real estate in California. This is a great way to buy your home due to competitive interest rates and an all-inclusive insurance program through CalVet. But if you are looking to use CalVet for refinancing,...
how much is a typical early repayment penalty?
What loan are you considering that would have a "early repayment penalty"? Most mortgages these days don't have this feature on the loan.
is $700 a reasonable appraisal fee?
Depends if it's a multi-unit property but if it's a single family yes.
My husband and I were waiting for HARP 3 because we owe more on our home than it is worth. What can we do?
There isn't any plans for HARP 3 right now. I would say bi-weekly payments to pay your mortgage down quickly.
What's the best I could do with a 560 fico and 8k down
using some of that $8k to improve your credit score to get a better rate and program.
Can a husband refinance a mortgage without spouse consent?
Not these days....if that spouse is on the deed of the property the spouse has to sign new documents
How much do i have to put down to get rid of fha mortgage insurance?
You don't have to put down that much anymore. I can help you out with 5% down and no monthly mortgage insurance. The difference is FHA rates are lower than conventional rates. However over the long-term it's best to go conventional if you have 24% to put down! Contact me if you need assistance!

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