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Yvonne Lutz's Answers

could i go zero down for VA with a 620 credit score?>
Yes you can with some companies. Also, you may be exempt from the loan guarantee fee if your Certificate of Eligibility indicates this. Good luck.
How should I describe credit default in a mortgage letter of explanation?
Just explain honestly what happened. A letter of explanation is a very common request from a lender, don't let it make you nervous. Two late payments usually don't have a huge impact on your chances unless it is coming after a recent bankruptcy. Your loan officer will help you write a good letter of...
I have a 530 credit score
Anyone will refinance your home without a current mortgage, however, I am unable to do a loan with less than a 550 credit score. I do work with people to improve their credit scores if you are interested, my email is
My house is worth much less than i owe - refi help!
Are you looking for a rate and term refinance or need cash out? Is your current mortgage a FHA?
What if I need money to fix windows and siding on my house how do I get the money for improvements/
Credit can be flexible with an FHA "rehab" loan. Has he been late on making the mortgage payments in the last year?
An individual went into contract with a buyer 4 months ago. The buyer was to get a mortgage within 60 days, buyers has not been able to get a mortgage. what are the options for the seller?
The contract can be considered null and void. However if they had that the offer was contingent upon them getting a mortgage and provide proof they were denied, the seller cannot keep the d3posit.
Can I refinance my current Home equity and take out the additional equity to use to pay off my credit card debt?
Getting them to open up your line of credit would be your best option because your rate on your first is about where they are currently and it is a fair rate for a fixed HELOC. Therefore, you could save a lot in closing costs. There are obviously ways around closing costs, however, that just increases your...
loan limits foR USDA
Hello, they don't limit on the mortgage amount. They do limit on the household income, however, regardless of if the person on the household is going to "be on the loan". The house has to also be located in a USDA eligible area, which I can determine by exact address of the home. I do a lot of USDA mortgages in...
was preapproved then denied even though lender knew about student loan, what is going on?
Hello - not sure why this would be an issue? They can do a supplement to the credit to show the student loan was paid. I might be missing a part of this. Contact me anytime at and we can talk about more options.
Can second time buyers get USDA mortgages
Yes, you can buy a home using USDA even if it is not your first home. There are income limitations and the property just has to be eligible. I am with Guaranteed Rate if you would like for me to look at your options, I can be reached at 315-369-5146. Good luck!

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