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Don Zender MLO-9023 - is RECOGNIZED AS AMONG THE TOP 100 of all
loan consultants throughout the United States.

As a CPA and a Loan Officer, Don can offer you a FULL FINANCIAL VIEW of your options.
Don works with multiple lenders to ensure that you get a competitive rate.
A WRITTEN GUARANTEE on closing costs will be issued by Don as soon as your loan rate is locked.
Don is ACCESSIBLE NIGHT OR DAY, 24 hours, every day of the week, holidays included. Don's team of in-house professionals and underwriters has a reputation for closing transactions on a very timely basis.

Meet the Zender Team;

Windy Montero, Senior Loan Consultant

Windy has years of experience and an extensive background in all areas of mortgage; her personal and professional manner will put you at ease knowing your loan and financial future are structured to fit your lifestyle. Whether you're refinancing a mortgage or buying property for the first time, you deserve a smooth, respectful and personable transaction. MLO ID: 211013 / WA-CL-3182
Phone Number: 425-576-3719

Sam Slatten, Senior Loan Consultant

Sam listens and understands your goals in homeownership, giving you the confidence to sit back and relax knowing your loan is top priority for her and the Zender Team. Sam's many years of experience in the mortgage business allows her to answer your questions and explain the mortgage loan process in a straightforward way. MLO ID: 207164 / WA-CL-3182


Phone Number: 425-576-3770

Tina Dworsky, Senior Loan Consultant

Tina is a dedicated professional, bringing her extensive mortgage background to The Zender Team. She has the experience and ability to make your dreams of homeownership a reality. Her dedication is to your loan closing efficiently and timely. MLO ID: 305534 / WA-CL-3182


Phone Number: 425-732-2611

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