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Zachary Williams's Answers

Pros an cons of a FHA Streamline loan.
If you do the FHA Streamline refinance you can lower your payment and what ever you do with the condo after you close is up to you. I can help with your FHA Streamline Refi with almost no out of pocket expense. I look forward to hearing from you.
How long do I need to have a job in order to buy a house?
2 yrs employment history. If changes jobs, 45 days of paystubs for the new employment. If recently graduated, we like to see about 6 months of stable employment.
What LTV can I get with a self-employed bank statement loan?
You will need to have been self employed for a minimum of 2 yrs to use that income to qualify for a home loan. Call me at 740-398-4917 to see what options are available to you.

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