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1st time buyer question

Do I have to deal with a real estate agent when starting the bid process/to buy a house? I found a few homes, but I'm a newbie and don't really know what I should do next - trying to get good direction or advise mainly. I think that is the reason for this site (lender411 hehe) ;) Honestly, I would prefer not to deal with a realtor and not have to pay them. Thanks guys! by pspoole121 from Ogden, Utah. May 29th 2019 Reply

Brett Pehrson (brettpehrson)
#19 ranked lender in Utah - 228 contributions

You don't have to use a Realtor to start the bid process. You can choose to be an unrepresented buyer, enter a limited agency agreement with the listing agent, or be represented by your own agent. However, if the property you wish to bid on is already listed by a Realtor, yes, you do have to deal with them, but their commission, as well as the commission of your own Realtor, has already been negotiated; if that's the case, then I would generally suggest you utilize your own Realtor to handle contract negotiations and walk you through the escrow process, since they are paid by the seller of the property but have a fiduciary duty to you. Choosing not to use an agent, in this case, doesn't mean you'll save money. If you have a property you want to make an offer on, but it's a "For Sale by Owner" property, then you can absolutely negotiate directly with the seller by making an offer without a Realtor.Since you're a newbie, unless you are familiar with how to complete a purchase contract through some other means, and you're confident in your negotiation skills, then Realtor representation is likely the best way to save yourself in costly mistakes.Once you're under contract, then we lenders can walk you through the escrow process, like title, etc., since we're the ones who actually care about those details.If you need help with a loan, or decide you'd like a referral to get representation from your own Realtor (without paying them), then let me know. I'd be happy to help.Brett Pehrson, NMLS 272088Advanced Funding Home Mortgage, NMLS 13287

May 29th 2019
Dave Skow (daveskow)
#16 ranked lender in Washington - 283 contributions

1) the realtor gets their commission from the sellers proceeds ( not from you the buyer ) ...2) if you deal only with listing agent - they likely have the sellers interest being more important than yours ...3) if you have zero realtors involved - be prepared to do lots of work and also to be not certain about the steps needed .....if you are a newbie - using a realtor is a great thing to do in order to help learn the process ..once you have been through the process - agent might not be quite as crucial

May 30th 2019
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