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1st Time Buyer

Hello - I am a 1st time buyer but I have a bit of an issue. My name and credit was used in mortgage fraud about 3 months ago. The loan is still on my credit report and I am worried this will effect me as a 1st time buyer and my ability to get approved by the CalHFA Zero Interest Program. by ubilel.nahli890 from Oxnard, California. Sep 13th 2018 Reply

Dan Paladin (dpaladin)
#1 ranked lender in California - 566 contributions

That could be tricky....I am assuming you would have to provide documentation that it was not you. A discussion would be needed with Calfha regarding the docs you can provide to determine the outcome. As the statement regarding interest the Zip has ZERO% interest and if you add MyHome that only has a 2.5% simple interest nowhere near 8% as someone else indicated. If you would like my help feel free to contact me 562.254.5616.

Sep 14th 2018

Did you know that program you're looking for has to be repaid with an 8% interest on the second mortgage. I have programs that are conventional that don't require to be a first-time home buyer and are a hundred percent freeRyan Romero is Cardinal Financial nmls 333803Branch manager 619-884-9116

Sep 13th 2018
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