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27 and debt free

I'm 27yo and debt free. Wondering if it makes better sense to just rent or buy a house but then I'd have a debt. by rsmartin991 from Big Wells, Texas. Oct 18th 2019 Reply

The first thing that I recommend you do is talk to a Loan Officer. If you have no credit scores you will need assistance. Some of the questions will be;Do you have rental history or credit history?How much do you want you payment to be monthly?Where will your downpayment and closing costs be coming from?Do you have VA benefits?By answering these questions your loan officer can help you towards a path to closing. I would be happy to assist!Kindest Regards,Kathy KingRMLO 270997King Financial Group, Inc.2600 Village Parkway Ste 100Highland Village TX 75077(972) 539-2500 x 222(214) 597-5790 cell

Oct 18th 2019
Mary Papageorge (MaryPapageorge)
#93 ranked lender in Texas - 54 contributions

Buying a house may be considered debt, but it is also considered an investment in your future. By renting you are just throwing your money away and will have no value at the end. If you don't currently use credit - it can be a problem getting you qualified, but I have a quick solution to help you achieve scores much quicker. Call me at 713-569-0025 to find out more. Mary

Oct 21st 2019
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