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Are there any loans available out there for someone who is self-employed?

I'm self employed, but in the past, I worked part time. Up until a few weeks ago,I was a high school teacher but thanks to budget cuts, I got laid off (This turned out to be a positive thing because now I make way more working as a private tutor ).Like I said, I have money in the bank so I can afford a down payment of up to 50%.I have great credit and so does my wife :) Can you say 680?Is their any hope for me? Please help :)-Dirk by dirk551112 from Modesto, California. Sep 10th 2009 Reply

Marco Sepulveda (mspulveda)
#199 ranked lender in California - 5 contributions

Yes you can purchase a home even if you are self employee,the onlu way i can do this is with a hard money loan.Will required a 30 to 40% down payment and a high rate,i can do it with no problem if you have 50% down.Please call me if you have any questions.My number is 925-207-4933,my name is Marco Sepulveda.You can also e mail me at Thanks. and i think with some conventional lender we can make it work too because you have a big down payment.

Sep 10th 2009
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