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Are there certain Real Estate agents that handle VA purchases?

by juliette18 from Archibald, Louisiana. Jan 27th 2016 Reply

John Schweer (johnschweer)
#9 ranked lender in Missouri - 163 contributions

Any can handle a VA transaction, but I would look for one that has that as a specialty.... USAA has a great referral program that will get you discounted transaction fees and their referral is to a Realtor that is well versed in the ins and outs of VA transactions....... if you need expert advice on the Mortgage Side of things, I have 20 years experience and 10 specializing in VA lending... Feel free to call and I can help give you some direct advice.... I am licensed to do business in all 50 states.... V/r John 816-517-5626

Jan 28th 2016
Derick Condron (rightstartoregon)
#31 ranked lender in Oregon - 598 contributions

You can find some agents that know more about the ins and outs of a VA loan, but there is not a specific pool of agents that you have to pick from you can use anyone you want.

Jan 27th 2016
Erica Whiddon (
#26 ranked lender in Louisiana - 9 contributions

Juliette, Any licensed REALTOR can write a purchase agreement and determine if a property meets HUD minimum property standards for a government loan. Your VA loan is just the type of financing you are obtaining. I am licensed to lend throughout Louisiana and would love to pre-approve you and send a quote for the VA loan. Erica Whiddon 225.664.9895

Jan 27th 2016
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