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Are there mortgage options for disabled veterans?

My husband is unable to walk and the typical VA loan is unhelpful for making any accomodations for example improvements/renovations that would allow him to get up or down a flight of stairs. Changes to the bathroom would be needed as well for his circumstances. What options do we have that would fund the mortgage and also some more disabled-friendly alterations to the home?

by dirllina.ssgt8462977 from Tullahassee, Oklahoma. Dec 9th 2014 Reply

Linda Wintersteen (Linda123)
#63 ranked lender in Arizona - 1,256 contributions

YES, if you are serviced related disabled at 100% you can get approx $50,000 for wheel chair, build outs.. etc but it is real strick ,and just because someone might be at 100% doesn't always mean they can get the funds .... one of my clients actually helps as a volunteer to get vets their benefits, he qualifies for his , but he is gets the fullest amount , since he is wheel chair bound, and has had 36 surgeries. U am a active advocate for the vets.. go to i am the fundraiser for trying to get funding to house and build a place for the service people when they get out of the service to go thru, go back to schoot, back to life, etc.. also, email me at, i do have another way to get cash advances for active and discharged vets. linda

Dec 9th 2014
Nick Utesch (
#2 ranked lender in Oklahoma - 22 contributions

In some cases, there are special options for disabled vets. The VA has a specially adapted housing grant program and other options available. You would have to talk to the Houston VA Regional Loan Center and they can get you more details on that. If you'd like to explore Oklahoma VA home loan options, please don't hesitate to contact me at 405.308.4208. My name is Nick Utesch and I'm a VA Loan Specialist with Progressive Financial services Corp in Oklahoma City. NMLS ID #214427 / 216693

Dec 9th 2014
Jason Vondrak (jvondrak)
#209 ranked lender in California - 1,741 contributions

Yes, there are additional financing options available for disabled vets. Contact a VA loan specialist in your area.

Dec 10th 2014
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