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Are we qualified?

Looking at a home for $330k. We will be filing together and my credit is only 606. Can we qualify before putting down $40k ? We have a DTI ratio of 24% with $10k monthly income. by 78.hamilton557 from Mesa, Arizona. Jul 18th 2017 Reply

Scott Harward (scott_957_225)
#117 ranked lender in Arizona - 7 contributions

Standard conventional loans require a 620 credit score. However, if you have VA benefits you could do a VA loan, or if you have enough funds to get the loan amount to meet the FHA loan limit (Maricopa County limit is $279,450) then we could get you an FHA loan with a min. score of 550.I can be reached at 480-223-2265 if you would like to discuss specifics. Thank you , Scott

Jul 18th 2017
Steven Brand (stevenbrand)
#2 ranked lender in Minnesota - 111 contributions

Heck yes! You may have several options. Reach out to talk to some "mortgage guys" who've been around the block for several years and SHOOT ya straight. You can reach me at: or 844-VA-Steve

Jul 19th 2017
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