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buying a property for investment only

I'm looking to buy a property on my own as if I move in with my partner then my tax credits will stop. however most lenders will only lend me a small amount as I don't earn much and as a full time mother. can we use my partners income in order for us just to get a better loan even though he won't be living there? I would be the one making the monthly repayments as I can afford to do this, just can't afford the mortgage on paper without his help by sarajbarnes687 from , California. Apr 10th 2017 Reply

RANDA MISHLAWI (mishlawir)
#198 ranked lender in California - 10 contributions

Yes,He will be a non -occupant co-borrower.Call me at (619) 708-2002 to discuss the details.Randa Broker/ First Rate Inc.

Apr 10th 2017
Larry Gray (lgray_312_247)
#597 ranked lender in California - 1,139 contributions

You should know investment property requires at least 20% down payment. Only if you are buying it as your primary home can you qualify with little money down and utilizing a non occupant co-borrower. Did you really mean to say this was to be a primary home purchase for you and not just an investment property?

Apr 11th 2017
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