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Can I buy a home with $49,000 income?

Good credit and low DTI... I do not have much of a down payment. by kurate33665 from Los Angeles, California. Aug 11th 2017 Reply

Tom Bonetto (
#169 ranked lender in Arizona - 3 contributions

It would absolutely depend on the price of the home. With that said, with good credit more things are possible than not - and I've helped many people with incomes much lower than that finance their home. There are multiple low/no down payment products out there, as well - so don't let that be a barrier to doing some research. I'd be more than happy to talk with you and "coach" you through the process.

Aug 11th 2017
Angel Medina (
#1318 ranked lender in California - 3 contributions

There are programs other than VA where you can come in with close to nothing but not every lender are qualified or know about these programs. This is not the type of program where you have to be a first time home owner or buy in a specific area. Send me your phone number and I will call you to answer your questions more on that loan program.

Aug 14th 2017
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