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Can i get financed with this situation? - Please help

First off about income. I make 120,000 as does my significant other. So income in the 240,000's. My significant other has excellent credit in the 700's. I however while waiting to get hired for my job went into some good debt and had some closed accounts. I have 2 chargeoffs equalling around 7 thousand dollars, one of which went into a judgement which they have not started to collect. The lawyers, Javitch and Rothbone out of cleveland(something like that) haven't started taking the money out yet because i had another judgement which I paid off(or the govt took money out) of my paycheck and they are trying to say I still owe them money. I work for the FAA and they are very good in the human resource department and sent them a letter saying they aren't taking anymore money out of my account because I satisfied the judgment, which I did. So, my credit report shows 2 judgements and that neither are satisfied, even though one is actually satisfied per the judges monitary payment authorization.My credit is in the 650-680 range on myall my credit reports as I have taken out loans and continously paid them off and I have 3 credit cards and 5 store cards. All have no balance and have good limits(6,000 - 20,000 range). We will probably have around $20-30,000 saved up for the downpayment, so what I am asking is there a certain type of loan or a certain time of loaner we can get a loan on??? They house we want is audited at $400,000, but we work with the guy that's selling it and we are expecting to get it in the $280,000 range. Is that a feasible price, as I know we have the income and we can raise more downpayment if we need to(we can save 4-5000G a month). We both have minimal debt to income as well. I have nearly none other than the 2 chargeoffsThanks for the input i appreciate it! by Helpmewithmyloan from San Jose, California. Aug 26th 2009 Reply

Ashlee Sandusky (ashlee.sandusky)
#2 ranked lender in Kentucky - 3 contributions

You should really call a local loan officer or go to a local lender so that they piece all of this information together and be able to see you and your wife situation completely. I know for one of our prime lenders they look for charge off on your credit up to 12 months, but if your credit score isn't hurting that bad there maybe something that can be done. Again you really should call someone or sit down and talk to someone about what all is going on and bring as many documents with you to the table as possible.

Aug 26th 2009
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