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Can I negotiate points on my mortgage?

Hello. I am pre-approved for $150k and the home is valued at $142k, I have $5k down, 598 credit score, $5000 in debt and income of $90k/annually. I am trying to negotiate a better rate and keep my down payment under or at $5k. Is it possible to negotiate and reduce the points i am charged with my loan officer? Thanks! by Kittyluv655109 from Atlanta, Georgia. Apr 9th 2018 Reply

William J Acres (William_Acres)
#73 ranked lender in Arizona - 8,728 contributions

It might be possible, but in all reality, with a 598 credit score, you don't have a lot of options.. very, very few lenders lend down to that score.. and it's clear that you have some major derogatory credit showing on your report.. some lenders might advertise they go down to say 550 scores, but once you apply, and they see why your score is so low.. they might have additional guidelines that disqualify you.. but you wont find this out until you actually move your loan.. My advise,, is if the lender is willing to move forward with you and your score, then just go with it.. after you close, work on improving your credit scores and then go and refinance. I'm a preferred Lender with California and Arizona being my primary markets. If you or someone you know is looking for financing options, feel free to contact me or pass along my information. 480-287-5714 NMLS# 226347 / RPM Mortgage NMLS 1541014 / AZMB0121893

Apr 10th 2018
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