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can I refinance the loan if im not on the title?

trying to help out a friend. dont want to be on the title, just refinance the mortgage loan in my name to lower the payments. is this possible? by geoffr881 from Detroit, Michigan. Aug 8th 2019 Reply

You would need to be added to the title in order to refinance the mortgage. Your friend can also stay on the title.

Aug 9th 2019
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Without you being on the title it will be impossible to refinance the mortgage,no Lender will consider such situation.

Aug 12th 2019
Joe Metzler (JoeMetzler)
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No. You can't refinance a home you don't own. You would have to have the owner write up a Quit Claim Deed, adding you as an owner. Then after usually a six month waiting period, you could refinance as an owner. Of course this means you are an owner, you are on time, and you are 100% legally responsible for everything. The other person can stay on title and remain an owner.

Aug 14th 2019
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