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Can I use a home equity loan for tuition expense?

Not sure I'd qualify either way since I already have some student loans out because of my wife, but I'm hoping we can use the equity loan for her masters program. our credit is both above 700 and we've never fallen behind. by ken_savage8463303 from New Providence, New Jersey. Nov 25th 2014 Reply

Stephanie Tourtellotte (Stephanie Tourtellotte)
#0 ranked lender in California - 33 contributions

The lenders who provide the home equity lines of credit typically look at how much equity you have in your home and how high your debt to income ratios are. Your FICO scores are also taken into account as well.

Nov 25th 2014
Jericho Cherry (Jerichocherry)
#58 ranked lender in Virginia - 1,107 contributions

Find a Loan Officer in your area to see if you qualify.

Nov 26th 2014
Phil Dumouchel (PhilDu)
#32 ranked lender in South Carolina - 2,232 contributions

If you qualify for the loan, you can use the funds for any purpose you wish.

Dec 1st 2014
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