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can I use my husbands unemployment income on our mortgage application?

by magnolia66472 from Phoenix, Arizona. Aug 6th 2019 Reply

John Moran (SimplifyMortgage)
#8 ranked lender in Arizona - 663 contributions

You would not be able to use unemployment income on a mortgage application. All income used has to have the expectation of at least 3 years after close and unemployment income is temporary by rule.

Aug 6th 2019
Steven Brand (stevenbrand)
#3 ranked lender in Minnesota - 121 contributions

Actually... in certain situations you can use UI (unemployment income) on a mortgage application. Please reach out to me directly to review your exact situation to determine if our underwriting team can include that. 612-386-5306 or (licensed in AZ as well as a handful of other States)

Aug 7th 2019
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