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Can someone explain what is driving rates so low?

What should we be looking for as an indicator or rising rates? by KavehMassoudian from Austin, Texas. May 26th 2011 Reply

Gianni Cerretani (mortgagegodfather)
#33 ranked lender in Georgia - 238 contributions

check out my blog posts as I have extensive information regarding your question.

May 26th 2011
#73 ranked lender in Texas - 10 contributions

Good afternoon,rates fluctuate based on the conditions of the Mortagage Backed Securities, and the MBS market typically follows the US Treasury bond markets. Well, if there are weak economic signs(exampled toady bad GDP and jobless claims #s) then that can cause a flight to quality, or people buying bonds, driving the bond rates down (price of bond goes up the yield or rate goes down) and the same happens for mortgage rates. Hope this helps- feel free to call me with further questions or email me directlySonny BakerBedrock

May 26th 2011
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