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Commerical Mortgage Question

We (company) have the ability to buy an Multi Family House in commercial mixed zone. House is vacant so we can use also for office, house is believed to our headquarter in Ohio.Is it possible to refinance this house instantly after we purchased it? Value is $115,000 purchase price well below $70,000 and we want only a 40% LTV mortgage.Thanks for your responses. by robertkkoolson from Dayton, Ohio. Jul 1st 2011 Reply

MIKE CONVIN (mconvin)
#6 ranked lender in Delaware - 202 contributions

hi there: I work with private investors and can assist since your LTV is low.Please contact me to discuss (Mike 703 505 5300)

Jul 1st 2011
Ulysses Fletcher (ufletcher8141)
#26 ranked lender in Georgia - 245 contributions

If you can send me your email address,I will send you a form to fill out so I can see what some of my lenders can do.My email address

Jul 11th 2011
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