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Credit dropped after approval. Does this change anything?????

by danzigism501 from Bolton, Connecticut. Nov 14th 2019 Reply

Dotty Owens (do1025)
#24 ranked lender in Connecticut - 21 contributions

Hi,The answer to your question depends on whether or not your scores dropped below the level that is acceptable to the lender that you are working with and the level that is acceptable for the Program that your mortgage was approved for. You may have acceptable scores for the lender, however, the Program that you were approved for may not accept lower scores and vice versa. You are best to speak with the lender you are working with to get this question answered properly. Good Luck. Dotty Owens, Northeast Financial Mortgage, 203-668-7770

Nov 14th 2019

Yes it does if the score knocks you out of qualifications. You can call me if you want to see if you qualify. We go down to 600 203-290-0722

Nov 16th 2019
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