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Credit score of 630 (middle) do i have a chance at a good rate?

am i going to take a hit on the rate becuase of this credit score? We are buying in Grapevine, TX. by RoryBlanchen from Grapevine, Texas. Apr 17th 2011 Reply

Scott Somerville (smartmortgage)
#26 ranked lender in Kansas - 6 contributions

I can definitely help. We are more flexible in our score requirements than most lenders. Typically, lenders will require 640 credit score for an FHA mortgage; however we can approve these loans down to 620. Email me at or call me at (913) 406-3993. We can start your application and get you approved quickly. Currently FHA rates are around 4.75% to 5% depending on loan size and other factors.

Apr 17th 2011
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