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Did the rates improve today, Monday 12-20? Is that true? is that a good sign?

I want to refi. by JackHalin177 from San Mateo, California. Dec 20th 2010 Reply

Todd Tholl (
#4 ranked lender in Iowa - 239 contributions

Rates improved last Thursday & Friday, came back up yesterday & are holding steady today. I would wait until after the 1st of the year to refi as rates should be coming back down then. The stock market is WAY overbought right now & when that comes back down to reality, demand for bonds will increase which drives interest rates down. Give me a call to discuss. 563-324-9937 Todd Tholl

Dec 21st 2010
Wes Hankins (Wes Hankins)
#119 ranked lender in California - 12 contributions

Market closed slightly down today (worse pricing) After a roller coaster ride, at one point we were having a really good rally. Just to loose it all later in the afternoon.I locked all files today

Dec 20th 2010
Rudi Hofmann (CaPortfolioLoans)
#282 ranked lender in California - 380 contributions

You cannot lock in a rate until you submit an application. .... Then you can "float" and lock when you feel it doesn't need to get any better. ... Currently, 30 year fixed rates are hovering back and forth around 4.750%. ... The main thing you should concentrate on now is doing some homework about who you feel comfortable working with to receive your loan. ... Happy funding, Rudi

Dec 27th 2010
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