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Divorce refi or sale?

husband's name is on mortgage of doublewide mobile home. The land it sits on was gifted to both of us and is in both of our name. He says the land is held as collateral for the house loan. He wants the house in the divorce. Am I intitled to my half of the land value? If he is keeping the house and land it sits on? would this be a refinance so I can get my half? by pamela8991 from Glendale, California. Mar 4th 2011 Reply

Eric Sacco (Eric Sacco)
#123 ranked lender in California - 3 contributions

Hi Pamela, Mobile homes are tricky to finance since the homes can be towed away. You really need to talk to a realtor in your area to get a good idea on if it is better to sell the whole unit with the home on it or if it is better to sparate. Do you have a loan on it now? Is the home permanently attached to the lot? You can call me at 619-890-2558 with more questions. Thank you, Eric

Mar 4th 2011
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