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do conventional loans count spouse debt if spouse not on loan

by sorensen.eileen1473 from Wesley Chapel, Florida. Sep 9th 2016 Reply

Mark Asaad (m.asaad)
#35 ranked lender in Florida - 16 contributions

No, the bank will only count the debt for the person applying for the loan. Please call me if you need help with getting pre-approved.Marc AsaadHome 1st Lending407-221-9531

Sep 10th 2016
Josh Lund (Josh_Lund)
#45 ranked lender in Minnesota - 113 contributions

Hello!No your spouse's debt will not transfer if you are applying for the lone solely. Only the borrower who listed on the loan will have their debts imported.Hope this helped. Let me know if you have any questions!-Josh Lund Branch Manager Gold Star Mortgage

Sep 13th 2016
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