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do you help people with poor credit?

do oyu help people with poor credit by teresa tessa from bluefield, West Virginia. Mar 20th 2011 Reply

Rich Constantine (rconstantine)
#397 ranked lender in California - 79 contributions

Yes I can help you if you have poor credit. We need to find the reasons for the bad credit, Collections, late payments, Deliquent accounts and go after those accounts. I dont want to get into specifics, but I use a Credit Analyzer tool to help figure what is wrong and how many points we can boost your FICO. There are several ways to go about it. I have boosted one client 100 points, last November! My name is Rich and you can email me @ for more info. Hope this helps. RC

Mar 21st 2011
Chris Corica (
#22 ranked lender in New York - 59 contributions

You will need to be more specific. Please share a bit more about your credit situation and what you feel mnakes your credit poor. Do you know your FICO score? Do you have any BK's, Judgements or Foreclosures? Please elaborate.

Mar 20th 2011
Rick Pelleriti (RickPelleriti)
#364 ranked lender in California - 59 contributions

I am a member of a Mortgage master-Mind Group and I can recommend an outstanding individual who specializes in credit repair. Hannah is an expert in her field. I can refer her to you if you wish - just let me know.Rick

Mar 21st 2011
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