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Down Payment Assistance. What is it and what does it help with?

I have picked out a foreclosed house already looked @ the property liked it and alot can b done with the home. I know the full story about the foreclosed home the value price @ the time of sale before it went into foreclosure. The purchase price is very lower but i believe i can get it lower with the work needed 2 be done. i have full time job make good money but my past credit is hurting me and still paying debts off. I have never filled bankrupcy i can get thru the debt but down payments do to credit history are hurting me what can I do in getting a DPA with a 203k mini or standard loan? by haskett10 from Cleveland, Ohio. Apr 30th 2011 Reply

Steven Ceceri (CreativeFinancingOptionsGroup)
#36 ranked lender in Massachusetts - 723 contributions

Good Afternoon. You should check with your local Housing Authority or use the link I am providing to do further research. I'd strongly recommend that you begin working on improving your credit score immediately and you should work with a mortgage professional who specializes in helping clients with this. Good Luck!

Jul 7th 2014
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