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Fannie Mae Home Ready Mortgage

Can anyone help? 1 borrower on title, and 2 parents, 1 spouse living in the household to include as income of necessary. Is there a cap on the loan amount? Looking to get a home in the San Francisco Bay Area by stockedupken744 from Pittsburg, California. Jun 15th 2017 Reply

Leigh McMahon (
#1010 ranked lender in California - 6 contributions

Hi,You can add as many people as you want on the income for the loan, especially if you will all be in same household. If moving to San Francisco Bay Cap for High Balance is $636,150.00 however you always exceed beyond that & can be a "JUMBO Loan" and Lenders start at 5% Down

Jun 15th 2017
Larry Gray (lgray_312_247)
#593 ranked lender in California - 1,139 contributions

As someone who does the Home Ready Mortgage loan for borrowers I must say it is simple to qualify you at the maximum allowable income. As far as the loan amount, that will cap at the conforming loan amount limit. I do mortgage loans here in the S F Bay area and can be reached via my profile. The rate does tend to be better than on the typical conventional mortgage loan and with only 3% down required.

Jun 19th 2017
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