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Hard Time Qualifying

I am having a hard time pre-qualifying alone for more than $133k. I make over $175k/yr, DTI is 65% and I have excellent credit 720. I have never needed a co-signer. I have never been late on a payment or in collections. I don't know of anyone that will co-sign on a house for me. This is frustrating. by tedrlord523 from Alameda, California. Dec 18th 2018 Reply

Timothy Gray (insistontim)
#191 ranked lender in California - 15 contributions

Do you have other monthly debt liabilities that you can restructure and lower the amount you owe each month? Lowering your debt will increase your qualifying income and expand your purchasing power. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.Kindly, Tim Gray 619 807-5854

Dec 18th 2018
Ralph Richard Guertin (
#136 ranked lender in Florida - 796 contributions

Hi, interesting I would like to review your credit report and see where we can consolidate or get rid of...let me know I have been helping folks like yourself for over 18 years. Ralph Guertin.... or call at 954-274-7725

Dec 19th 2018
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