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Has anybody tried the leads on this site?

by NewbieInLoanBusiness from Irvine, California. Oct 1st 2010 Reply

Certified Funding (
#41 ranked lender in New Jersey - 53 contributions

what state are you looking for leads in?

Oct 1st 2010
Ulysses Fletcher (ufletcher8141)
#26 ranked lender in Georgia - 245 contributions

I just started.I email a client and call one.Waiting for a response back.

Oct 1st 2010
Todd Tholl (
#4 ranked lender in Iowa - 239 contributions

Have bought 8 leads so far. 2 of them were no good so I returned them & they gave me my $ back no questions asked. I've closed one of the other 6 so I'm happy with it so far.

Oct 2nd 2010
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