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Has Anyone Heard Of The Forgive and Forget Program

My Home is going to be foreclosed on. I got a a call from someone telling me about a federal program called forgive and forget. I did not really understand what they were talking about, does anyone have any more info about the program? Can It help me out? by jesse2938 from Sacramento, California. Jun 22nd 2010 Reply

S D (SteveD)
#10 ranked lender in South Carolina - 6 contributions

A Google search reveals nothing about this. And one would think that if it were legitimate there would be all sorts of references to it, along with many many companies marketing it....Absolutely require any lender who offers financing through a "Federal Program" to point you to a government website (www.****.gov) so you can see for yourself what it is they are talking about - if in fact it truly is a Government-sponsored loan program. In addition, call and speak to a Federally employed 'live' person - at the Government agency responsible for the program, if it exists - to verify the nature of the program, what is required, who qualifies, and if they have an approved Lender list. Then try calling and speaking to a National Bank lending representative who may know of the program, and ask them to check it out. If it checks out in these ways, then perhaps you might respond to the original offer from the company who called you out-of-the-blue offering financing assistance - but only after you do your homework thoroughly. Ask for local references. In times of personal financial distress, there are all sorts of criminally-minded individuals and companies that seek to take advantage. They will promise anything they think will gain your trust and access to your funds, and deliver nothing. Do not become a victim of someone trying to take advantage of your misfortune. Work with companies that can provide you with factual and verifiable information only.

Jun 23rd 2010
Rudi Hofmann (CaPortfolioLoans)
#249 ranked lender in California - 380 contributions

I don't think there is such of an animal. Be careful. There's a lot of shady folks preying on folks in your situation. ..... Happy funding, Rudi

Jun 24th 2010
Matt Davis (Matt Davis)
#117 ranked lender in California - 52 contributions

Hi Jesse, Are you looking to keep the home.? .Feel free to call or email me at or 888-PierWest (743-7937) X 701 Best, Matt Davis

Jun 22nd 2010
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